Popular And Tailor Made Customization Ideas For Your New Home

Your home must be a representation of who you are. Quirky, loud, ostentatious…these are all qualities that a house can have.
There is nothing as bland as having a one size fits all house and that is why we have [...]


Single vs Double Storey Homes… Which Is Better?

Is bigger always better?
One of the longstanding debates that people have always disagreed on is single vs double storey homes. After all, a bigger house means more living space, right? But that is not all that there is to [...]


Top 4 Exterior Cladding Material Ideas

Choosing the right material for your external cladding can be difficult. The right cladding can take make your new home to the next level in both function and form. There are so many options available and it can be [...]

Concrete Floor

4 Benefits Of Having Concrete Floors In Your House

When people think of concrete floors they automatically think ‘cold’, ‘prison-like’, ‘industrial’ these are a few adjectives that may come to mind. But that is no longer the case, concrete floors are now able to take on colour and [...]

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