why consider building and living in a duplex

5 Reasons to Consider Duplex Build

Is it worth building a duplex?
Let’s define what a duplex is before we get started. A duplex is simply a single site that has been subdivided into two residences. Each side of a duplex is a self-contained unit featuring [...]

tips to select best design for your new home

5 Tips to Help You Select the Best Design for Your New Home

Do you need help to select new home designs?
Getting your dream home designs and building can be overwhelming. There is so much that needs to be planned and taken into consideration. And with so many cool home design ideas [...]


Expert Guide for 下载米乐体育官网 a Unique Single Storey House

Pre-planning and construction stages are crucial steps when building a unique single storey house
Are you planning to build a unique single storey house and wonder where to start?
You have purchased your land and selected your architect. Now comes the [...]

Tips for 下载米乐体育官网 a House on a Budget - Xclusiv built Projects

9 Tips for 下载米乐体育官网 a House on a Budget

To build a house on a budget, you'll need to reduce your expenses, keep it simple and choose plans that have less square meters!
Are you planning to build a new home but have limited financial resources?
下载米乐体育官网 your own house [...]

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